Monday, 17 February 2014

Pas Comme Les Autres Béziers

Given the wine making heritage of France it always surprised me how hard was to find a "bar" that takes wine seriously. The options were extreme - a full-blown restaurant meal or chancing a glass from an unmarked bottle in the ubiquitous café come bar. In between was a void, even in the largest of towns.

Gradually things are looking up. Recently opened Pas Comme les Autres in Béziers (3 Rue Porte Olivier near Les Halls) is run by 2009 UK Sud de France Sommelier of the year Romain Henry. Wine takes centre stage and you can nip in for a glass or two at the bar.

Food, though, certainly isn't an afterthought although carefully devised to avoid the expense of a full time kitchen out the back. The fayre will include quality charcuterie and cheese. Tartines will be assembled and cooked behind the bar. My cassoulet with pork (picture below) won't win a food beauty contest but was packed with flavour.

A wine list isn't printed. Wander over to the display and choose a bottle (add 7€ for le droit de bouchon) or have a glass of whatever has been opened on a whim. Vin Naturels and Bio feature strongly - the motto here is Vins Vivants.

Facebook readers will find Pas Comme les Autres there, or better still just GO.