Thursday, 24 November 2011

Floyd Uncorked in the Languedoc

The late Keith Floyd changed TV cookery programmes forever in the 1980s. For Francophile gourmets the landmark Floyd on France series was and remains essential viewing. He also filmed a less well remembered series on wine, Floyd Uncorked, back in 1997. This episode on YouTube, kindly uploaded by a user known as gelert456 and split into two parts, covers the Languedoc. As well as wine talk and tasting enjoy the many scenic "spot that location" moments - mainly around Sète, the Étang de Thau and Béziers.

Cookery features of course and this takes place in vines with Carcassonne as a backdrop where Floyd demos his interpretation of Cassoulet and Crudites Anchoïade. While it lacks some of the pace and energy of his earlier food and cooking series, Languedoc wine lovers should nevertheless find it interesting.

To view these full screen and to browse other episodes in the series start on YouTube here