Monday, 16 September 2013

A BIB from the Terrasses du Larzac

The Permian Rouge from Domaine de Malavieille is a wine I've enjoyed over the years, but not recently as I have to admit being annoyed by the excessive rise in price, perhaps the outcome of having become certified organic.

I came across the BIB Cinq Pierres de Mérifons from the Domaine at friends. The only information is what it says on the box; a Vin de Pays 2012 at 13% abv and made from organically certified grapes.

The wine has a reassuring full colour with attractive clean ripe rounded fruit flavours. Seriously easy drinking as in the mouth it's all very straightforward and does lack balancing acidity. It would also benefit greatly for being slightly chilled.

At €18 a box the bottle price is €2.70 so a reasonable deal if you want your wine on tap and care about grape production.


  1. Must look out for this. It's interesting to hear about the underdogs, outsiders, lesser-known wines, less obvious names. I admit it: I'd never normally buy a BIB, but you've made me curious now, There are a few unknown names/nasty labels in the Decanter World Wine Awards (just been through the hefty magazine) too... must follow up.

  2. I use this in my mobile wine bar ( Good value for money and bio.