Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Too hot for reds?

As inside temperatures, even in the evenings, edge above 25 deg. (77 °F) plus then common wisdom dictates a regime of rosé or dry white wine. Nothing wrong with that, but as a lover of reds these can be tough times. While white and rosé make fine aperos, not moving on is like a cricket match with the second innings rained off.

This season I've been much bolder at putting a bottle of red into the fridge for an good hour or so followed by a move to a wine cooler and all seems to work just fine. The wine quickly warms up when poured and the evolution in the glass takes on a few more stages that warmer wine ever can. It's also more refreshing. I'd hesitate to try this on a fully mature bottle, wines proffering a good dose of primary fruit do best as do those where the oak is low key. A hit so far.

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  1. Ah, thanks for that tip. I was thinking about this just the other day, remembering going out with friends in Paris some years ago and our getting a chilled carafe of red. "This red is cold," I said. They both looked at me funny. "But of course it is!" Okay.

    Now to find a wine cooler. Haven't found one yet.